My name is Raúl Balanzá. I am 23 years old, and I define myself as a technology passionate, enthusiast, and computer scientist from Valencia, Spain.

I have been involved in many different projects and work groups, being the most remarkable one the software development company in which I currently work, DialApplet.

In 2022, I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de València, a subject that has been my vocation for a long time. I am currently enrolled in a master’s degree at the same university.

My knowledge of computer science is large but not focused on a concrete matter, which means that I know about a wide variety of topics, but I am not specialized in one of them.

Currently, I speak to computers in Java, C++, C#, JavaScript & Python, although my experience with different programming languages is constantly increasing. Regarding humans, I speak native Spanish and Catalan, and English (C1 level).

In my free time, I like listening to music, playing videogames, and keeping myself updated on the latest technology-related news. In general, I consume a lot of online content.

The aim of this website is to keep track of all my projects and personal work, as well as my achievements and personal career.

If you wish to contact me, either for business inquiries or to know more about any of my projects, feel free to send an e-mail to contact@raulbalanza.me or a private message on any of my social media.