Here you can find some of the projects, experiments, and applications in which I have worked. Although many of them may not be a perfect and bug-free implementation for their purpose, they all include new concepts that I wanted to learn.

(2018-Present) Competitive Programming - (Java, C, C++)
Since I started my Computer Science degree at the university, I began to practice efficient programming by solving problems from online judges like Acepta El Reto or UVa Online Judge, the majority of them coded in Java.

The history of problems that I have solved is here.
The code for almost all of them is here.

(2021) School Enrollment - (SpringBoot, Docker, SQL, CI)

Web application designed to manage enrollment of students in a school and to store information about the courses themselves. It was coded using the Spring framework (Java-based), featuring a 3-layered architecture in the backend, and Thymeleaf in the frontend. The repository has Continuous Integration configured and the application is prepared to be deployed using Docker.

The repository with the code of the application is here.

(2020) BusRoutes - (Ionic - HTML, CSS, TypeScript)
Mobile application for Android & iOS, designed to obtain information about public transport, specifically bus scheduling and location, in Valencia (Spain). It was coded using the Ionic framework (Angular-based), often used to build multiplatform applications. The backend (API) was coded using Node.

The code for the application is here, and a screenshot gallery is available here.

(2020) Terminal Watchface - (Java)
Watch face for Android Wear, the Android version made for smartwatches. It features the current time in binary format, a replica of the Bash commands to get the time and date, and a fancy Matrix background. It was coded in Java using Android Studio.

The code for the watch face is here.

(2019) MMM-EMTValencia - (JavaScript)
Module for MagicMirror, a NodeJS application to display several information panels on a transparent mirror, which gets updated estimations for bus stops in Valencia (Spain). Mainly coded in JavaScript.

The code for this module is here.

(2019) Santander's TUS estimations - (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Website created to provide information about bus stops in Santander (Spain), with estimations for each bus line. This little project was created as a first contact with JavaScript, using MapboxGL and GeoJSON to represent data on a map.

The map is available here.

(2019) Parcheesi - (C#)
An implementation of the popular board game Parcheesi, which is playable locally with up to 4 players. The whole code is done in C# with the experience acquired from previous projects, although it was one of my first contacts with that programming language.

The download is available here and you can find the code here.

(2017-2018) CS:GO Multilauncher - (C#)
Small application developed in C# to manage different external server providers for CS:GO, a shooter videogame.
It was my first serious programming project and approach to graphical interfaces. The application deals with registry calls, object-oriented programming, and JSON parsing.

More information and the download is available here.