Hiding a server’s IP by means of a reverse proxy

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When it comes to hosting public services online, the most common option is to rent a dedicated server, that can become an expensive choice. An alternative option is to host our own server, which involves sharing the public IP of our local network, and the risk of being attacked. In those cases that it is of our interest to hide the IP of a computer that hosts a public service, a reverse proxy can help protecting a private network. Continue reading…

OpenTom, run Linux on your TomTom GPS

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Lately, the use of dedicated GPS devices has been relegated to a second place, as almost everyone has a smartphone with a built-in GPS. For TomTom devices, a Linux distribution known as OpenTom was created by a group of German developers to expand their functionality. Continue reading…

Recorriendo la red de Metro Madrid de forma eficiente

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A veces resulta interesante poner a prueba diferentes conceptos teóricos y algoritmos utilizados en diferentes ramas de las matemáticas, y comprobar su grado de correspondencia y precisión respecto a la realidad. En este caso se analizó un algoritmo de la teoría de grafos para obtener un camino que permite recorrer la red de Metro Madrid en el menor tiempo posible. Continue reading…